3 Feb
February at The Trickery
  • Underdog Aberdeen
  • 19:30 - 22:00
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We are delighted to welcome Edinburgh Fringe Festival LEGEND IAN KENDALL to the Trickery. Ian is a magician from Edinburgh, but so much more. He has performed all over the world, from the UK to Australia via the Middle East and the USA. He has appeared twice in the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, and survived twenty five consecutive years performing in the Edinburgh Fringe. As well as a performer, he is a respected teacher, having written several books and columns for two of the largest trade magazines.

He is only the second non American to be awarded the Leslie P Guest award for Excellence in Magic by the Society of American Magicians. He has been described as ‘highly entertaining’ by the Scotsman, ‘funny as well as skillful’ by the Evening News and ‘sleight of hand King’ by the Sunday Times. 

Will Naameh (aka “MC Hammersmith”) is an improvisational comedian with acclaimed Edinburgh groups Men With Coconuts and Spontaneous Sherlock. He is also Scotland’s leading freestyle rapper. He’ll be making up fully improvised raps based around audience suggestions.

As MC Hammersmith he is a Glasgow State Bar Gong Show winner and is the 2016 Edinburgh Revue Stand Up Champion.

“An exceptionally dazzling performance” – The Skinny

“Floored the audience” – Broadway Baby

Kevin Quantum is special. In a good way. He makes objects float above your head, creates rainbows on stage, projects your thoughts into reality and would have a dragon patronus were he an actual wizard. He creates amazing moments on stage couched with joy, wonder and sharp-witted comedy. Levitations, disappearances, beautiful memorable fun moments … for private clients and public audiences he creates one of the most intriguing performances you’re ever likely to see. And he was trained by the best – Penn and Teller.