Recently we had the pleasure of sitting down with the glamorous Mini Blue and talk about all things burlesque, performance and Trickery related

What first drew you to burlesque?

Having started Pinup modeling a few years back, and having always been told I should be on the stage as a kid I thought it was a natural progression for me!

Is Burlesque about the nakedness, the tease, or the person?

 The chance to see boobs in public!!! (Initially!) but I think a successful performance leaves the audience with more than just that.

Are there any burlesque figures (ahem) that you admire and why?

Anyone that gives it a go, to be honest. Especially in this day and age where body issues are a hot topic. It takes nerve to bare all to a room of strangers!


Is burlesque sexier for the artist or the audience?

Everybody benefits from a bit of burlesque 😉

What do you get out of Burlesque?

Being an ex-art student I have a lot of creativity I need to channel somewhere! So making my costumes is half of the fun to me! Getting to perform is such a buzz and something I never expected to be doing but I love it!

Where do you want to take Burlesque?

I have been lucky enough to perform at this years Scottish Tattoo Convention which was an amazing weekend of talent so hopefully more events like that! It would be great to perform internationally too, perhaps at a Burlesque festival! ticket this space! X

Mini Blue will be performing at The Trickery on May 4th alongside Rayguns Look Real Enough and Michael Brandie. Tickets are still available. Book now to save one third on the price of a ticket at the door.

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