Check out our recent interview with Tootsie Annie where she tells us the burlesque figures she look up to and what makes a good audience.

What first drew you to performing?

I was first drawn to burlesque as a young teen stumbling upon a copy of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Having learned all the songs I felt compelled to investigate who Lily St Cyr was, having heard the name referenced. I was awestruck and never looked back. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know.

For you, is performing about the nakedness, the tease, or the person?

I feel that what burlesque is about is a personal opinion. Some performers may feel empowered in nakedness, I feel it is all about the tease. A truly seductive piece can be executed with only the removal of gloves in a slow and tantalising fashion.

Are there any figures (ahem) that you admire and why?

Bettie Page is my ultimate burlesque idol. The queen of pinups. She oozes so much – from her cheeky, cute performance in Tease-o-rama to fetish and nude modelling/film for Irving Klaw and Bunny Yaeger she is a perfect all 

What makes a good burlesque audience?

A good burlesque audience are people who arrive ready for a good time, who appreciate that we as performers are there to entertain but are also mere mortals who fall on our bums from time to time ( this happened to me and the wonderful audience cheered me to my feet again).

Is burlesque sexier for the artist or the audience?

I feel burlesque is sexier for the artist, I feel very empowered by channelling this and hope to bring the audience to this level with me.

What do you get out of Burlesque?

For me is a large part of my life. I have gained self confidence I was prior lacking and a multitude of friends who are like a family. I also thrive on the adrenaline rush of being on stage, sharing my creativity for the enjoyment of others.

Where do you want to take Burlesque?

It is more a question of where it will take me but I’d love to go from national performer status to international performer.

Tootsie Annie will be performing at The Trickery on June 1st at Underdog Aberdeen alongside Sébastien Dall’Ozzo, Emma Rettie and Fritz Alkemade. Book now and save 33% on all ticket prices.

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